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About Us


Boston Behavioral Health Associates INC, was founded with the sole aim of providing high quality and holistic care for patients with mental health needs in the Greater Boston area. Often, patients with psychiatric conditions fail to achieve the best responses to treatment or quit treatment because there is an imbalance between medical management and non-pharmacological interventions. This leaves them and their families frustrated, unsatisfied and mistrustful of their mental health providers. 

Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard for the betterment of the lives of each one of our patients. From the very first time that you reach out to us, we will strive to reduce distress and help you achieve your pursuit of  a happy and fulfilled life. Over the years we have helped hundreds of patients suffering from wide range of mental health challenges including anxiety, depression Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Intellectual delays, Autism, gender identity related issues.

                 Meet Our Dedicated Team at Psych Boston

Best Psychiatrist in Boston

Dr. Gurvinder Arora

He is a double board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. He has worked in a wide variety of settings including outpatient clinics, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs, jail, and state hospitals, and has strived hard to understand all facets of the evolution of psychopathology and various mental illnesses. He prides himself in helping countless children and adults who have failed multiple prior treatments. He provides a warm, caring, empathic, non judgmental, and intelligent approach to mental health care. He is very conservative in prescribing any medications and will advocate for the least amount of medications for his patients. He is a firm believer in a holistic approach to medicine and integrates dietary modifications, exercise, yoga, and meditation in his overall treatment plan. 

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr.Vishal Biala

He is a  board certified psychiatrist with extensive experience in a wide range of psychiatric disorders. He works with both adolescents and adults struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, PTSD, ADHD, substance use disorders, and other psychiatric disorders.

He strongly believes in a collaborative care model where he will work with you and your other providers from different specialties to create individualized care plans and medication regimens so you only take the least amount of medications possible.

He believes in a holistic approach to medicine and works with his patients on developing necessary lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, meditation, yoga in addition to psychotherapy and medications.
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Dr. Duy Ly

Dr.Ly has diverse experience in treating wide aspect of psychopathology in different settings. He utilizes a comprehensive care model in a non-judgmental environment with sole focus in helping his patients live a more fulfilling life. He coordinates with therapists, PCP and other health care providers to encompass all aspects of care along lines of bio psychosocial model. He is empathic, caring and introspective. He strives to learn and grow to provide the latest evidence based treatment with best possible outcome for his patients.

hild and Adolescent Psychiatry in Boston

Dr. Shweta Sidhu

Shweta Sidhu, MD is a board certified physician in Psychiatry with additional certification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She has been in practice since 2018. Dr. Sidhu earned her MD from Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, India. She completed her Psychiatry residency at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC. In addition, Dr. Sidhu completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. Dr. Sidhu’s practice is open to all children and adults.  She has been on faculty as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry with the LSU Department of Psychiatry in Baton Rouge and on staff at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Special field of expertise includes Depressive disorder, Anxiety disorder, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Bipolar disorder, Eating disorders, trauma/stress related disorders, Psychotic disorder and LGBTQ issues. Dr. Sidhu provides empathetic care using medication management and individual psychotherapy. Dr. Sidhu loves to spend time with her husband and two children.
Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Malini Prabhu

Dr. Prabhu is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with 20+ years of experience. She provides comprehensive assessments & offer evidence-based medication management for a broad range of psychiatric and psychological disorders. She provides a  warm and collaborative care for adults coping with personal or professional challenges, life transitions, or stressors. Accepting adults ages 18-65 for medication management.

She focuses on applying an integrative approach to treatment, combining different psychotherapy modalities and pharmacology.

Child Mental Health Care

Elisha Bernstein LICSW

Elisha is a licensed clinical social worker and has been working in the field for over 15 years. Primary work has been with counseling and social work in a variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, crisis intervention programs, partial hospital program. She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults with a range of psychiatric disorders, addictions and life circumstances. Elisha is attentive, respectful and empathetic; she will create a safe, supportive therapeutic environment.

She uses a strength-based, person-centered approach to support individual and unique needs. While utilizing positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness the goal will be to develop more insight, build resources and resilience.
behavioral health counselor

Dr.Danial Hayek 
Dr. Hayek is a board certified experienced psychiatrist committed to providing high-quality mental health care. He brings a wealth of expertise to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve emotional well-being. Dr. Hayek has experience in a multitude of settings including ER, inpatient, outpatient, and IOP/PHP. He believes in a patient-centered approach, valuing open communication and collaboration. His treatment plans are carefully tailored to address everyone’s unique needs and aspirations, fostering holistic growth and lasting change. Dr. Hayek is conservative in his approach to medications and focuses on lifestyle changes and non-pharmacological options. If you’re seeking compassionate, empathetic care to address issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, or ADHD we invite you to take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hayek today.

mental health therapist

Dr. Usamah Simjee

Dr. Simjee is board certified psychiatrist who provides an evidenced-based and holistic approach toward healing mental illness including mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, trauma related disorders, reproductive psychiatry, addiction, and psychosis. His experience spans multiple treatment settings including outpatient, inpatient, emergency, and substance detox. Dr. Simjee has a special interest in teaching and has provided numerous lectures to medical professionals on the intersectionality of mental and physical illnesses. He is committed to providing safe, equitable, and inclusive treatment for all.

“Everyone has unique and individual needs. It is my goal to treat the whole person. To craft treatment plans that can address their specific health concerns. I feel incredibly privileged for the opportunity to help others  along their healthcare journeys and look forward to meeting with you.”  -Dr. Simjee

inpatient psychiatric therapy

Dr.Shailaja Emani

Dr. Shailaja Emani is a board certified psychiatrist with additional certification in child and adolescent psychiatry who is  passionate about providing holistic, comprehensive, and evidence based psychiatric care. She has a wide variety of experience treating children, adolescents, and adults across treatment settings and complexity levels. She believes in treating the patient as a whole and targeting underlying factors is key to long term treatment success and hence incorporates lifestyle modifications, alternative medicine, and wellness techniques into her visits. She also has experience with many therapy modalities and includes this as an essential part of treatment planning. 

She has knowledge on a broad spectrum of psychopathology, but some of her specific clinical interests include anxiety/depressive disorders, OCD, tic disorders, ASD, ADHD, psychosis and trauma/stress related disorders. Dr. Emani has an interest in leadership, volunteering, teaching and advocacy. In addition to serving as Chief Fellow at USF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, she has held numerous chair positions at volunteer clinics, medical organizations and wellness panels. Throughout her career she has stayed actively involved in local, state, and national professional organizations and was selected for the national AACAP EOP Award in 2022.

Zaida Medina, LCPC, LMHC, LPC, LPC-S, LPCC, MA

"Do you want to feel less stress and anxiety in life? Do things feel chaotic? I believe that patients are the experts in their own lives. My role begins by helping people to identify and verbalize the issues that may be getting in their way. I will listen carefully to your concerns and then together we will create a customized plan to best meet your needs. Our goal is to help you get your life back on track by implementing effective strategies that are geared towards you.

I treat adults with concerns including, anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar, trauma, grief, marital and relationship difficulties, life transitions, divorce. I'm passionate about helping couples find their way through periods of conflict and reconnecting to rebuild. I also truly enjoy working with children to help them identify & talk about their emotions.

I look forward to working collaboratively on a plan that best meets your needs as we navigate the problems together."

Loretta Fleming

Loretta Fleming is Licensed with a Masters in Social Work (LCSW). She has three degrees, two in Social work and one in Business. Loretta has six years of hands-on-experience working with a variety of populations and treatment centers.  Loretta has worked with children and their parents in court mandated education classes and treatment, provided rehabilitation services to sex offenders, engaged in homeless outreach, and has worked with older adults & the aging population.  She has also worked at the Complex case unit at York Hospital, as well as worked and advocated against human trafficking in Houston. 


At the beginning of 2022, Loretta began working as a traveling licensed therapist. Her first contract worked with Afghan refugees on a military base providing therapy and medication management to the refugees who escaped from the Taliban. The next station was in Bend, Oregon working at a crisis center helping clients with a variety of needs including homelessness, depression, behavioral management, anxiety, ptsd, schizophrenia, medication management, trauma, child parent relationships, grief, marital crisis, personality disorders, and more. Loretta has also worked at a psychiatric unit in Vermont providing services to  children and adults with group and individual therapy. Most recently Loretta is on Nantucket Island as a crisis worker. 


Loretta graduated from the University of Houston with a 4.0 gpa and was selected for the Globe Fellowship Scholarship which provided extensive training to social workers and psychologists in different therapy modalities. Loretta has experience in play therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, strength based approach, suicidal training, and art therapy. She treats a wide spectrum of psychopathology including anxiety, depression including postpartum depression, PTSD, executive function deficits, bipolar disorder, Autism spectrum disorder and Obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Dr.Alok Kumar    

Dr. Kumar is a highly skilled Adult Psychiatrist with extensive training and experience in the field of mental health. Having completed his Psychiatry Residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Dr. Kumar is well-versed in providing comprehensive psychiatric care to adults.

Board-certified in both Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Kumar possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Furthermore, Dr. Kumar has completed a fellowship in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, further enriching his expertise in providing holistic and personalized treatment approaches.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kumar has worked across various healthcare settings, including outpatient clinics, inpatient facilities, correctional institutions, and emergency rooms. This diverse experience has equipped him with the ability to address a wide range of mental health concerns with compassion, empathy, and evidence-based interventions.

Dr. Kumar is committed to providing high-quality care to his patients, utilizing a combination of therapeutic modalities tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. His dedication to ongoing professional development and his passion for improving mental health outcomes make him a valuable asset to the field of psychiatry.

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