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Mental Health Services for Educators in Boston

Educators play a critical role in the lives of children; they are involved daily, and school is an ideal setting for children to evaluate and build psychological competence while also teaching good health choices. Collaboration with educators is essential for improving and maintaining children's mental health.
One of the most challenging professional conversations you will have is suggesting to parents or guardians of children or teenagers that their child requires a mental evaluation. Because parents are too close to the situation to see it objectively, they may not realize their child's need for assistance. Parents may not know that their children have a learning handicap, behavioral challenges, or a mental/emotional disorder because they adjust unconsciously to their children. The majority of parents lack your expertise in assessing a child's progress. On the other hand, you see their child in ways they don't.

Your ability to refer parents to a psychiatrist for their child could be the difference between happiness and success for that youngster. Guiding parents to a psychiatrist who is empathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental, and experienced in treating various mental illnesses in children and adolescents can relieve stress on you, the student, and the student's parents while also ensuring that the child returns to a successful life path.


Our approach to treating children and adolescents is to collaborate with educators, such as teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, parents, and other health care providers, and encourage frequent contact. School is a place where students are exposed to learning, friendships, teachers, counsellors, sports and other extracurricular activities. "Kids do well if they can". A lot of kids are able to hold it together in school as they want to be able to do well and when they come home in a relatively low stress environment, they loosen up having exhausted their cognitive and emotional resources to  able to hold it together in school.  Many times kids are not able to hold in together in school but perform relatively better at home. It is important to recognize and dig deeper into all facets of a child's day to be able to determine the factors hindering your child's overall functioning. 

Educators play a vital role as they are the direct observers of your child in a setting where most learning is involved. What subjects a child struggle in(eg.ADHD kids often have hard time in reading and math which require relatively more focusing)? How is your child with transitions(eg. kids with ADHD and Autism often have struggles with transitions)? Is it easy for your child to make and sustain friendships? How does your child handle different stressors in school? Does he externalize or act out or does he internalize? How does he behave socially with other friends or in a group? Does he or she sit alone at lunch? Is he being bullied in school? What are his strengths? How are his fine and gross motor skills? Educators play a quintessential role in overall growth of your child and it is important to get them involved in our overall assessment and treatment plans for your child. 

When contacting parents about recommending their child to a psychiatrist, it may be helpful to reassure them that their child's mental illnessis not the fault of the parents or the child. A change in brain chemistry causes the majority of mental diseases. 

As you may be aware, today's children are under more significant pressure to excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. Even the most well-adjusted pupils experience anxiety from time to time. Children and teens with compulsions, ADHD, autism, learning disorders, other behavioral health disorders, and those with compulsions, ADHD, autism, learning disorders, and other behavioral health disorders require psychiatric skills to help them achieve.

We all have the same goal: for the children to have a joyful living while pursuing optimal functioning.